Jonny Manak is a man of many talents: Husband, father, recording artist, and ex-professional skateboarder. He tours around the world and has released 6 full-length internationally distributed albums with his band, Jonny Manak and the Depressives. He is a ghost writer for Viacom Television, recording over 150 songs for networks shows and playing every instrument himself.

Jonny and his dad, Jay Escamilla, started Manak Skates in November 2019. One day, Jonny and his son, JD, were skating and it started raining so they headed home. Jonny wanted to share one of his favorite childhood movies, North Shore, to wait out the rain. Jonny explains, “I always wanted to be Turtle; he was the cool character and he shaped surfboards all day. I realized I wanted to be the Turtle of shaping skateboards!” Shortly afterwards, Jonny saw photos of skateboard molds cast from concrete. He called his Dad, a mason. “Dad, check your texts, I just sent you a photo! Can you help me make this?!?”, Jonny inquired. The two got to work and started making a mold. On December 23rd, he skated on their first deck using 2×4’s, some long screws and the concrete molds. It was PERFECT. Jonny let his friends ride it and everyone began asking him to make them one.

Jay and Jonny have been working in decks daily ever since. They’ve taught themselves how to press, shape and even screen print. It’s become a family affair, too. Jonny’s wife, Mandy, helps with marketing, shipping and merchandise; his son, JD, helps drill decks, sand and assemble decks to shaping templates; and his daughter, Zoey, shapes, sands, shrink wraps and helps screen print the shipping boxes. All decks are handmade—by skaters, for skaters—in San Jose. DIY to the core.

Smoothie Custom Decks

  • Limited Edition / Collectibles
  • 100% Handmade in San Jose, CA
  • Poster – Serial Number / Autographs by Jonny Manak
  • Smoothie Original Custom Griptape
  • Sticker Bomb
  • Free Shipping

Price: $125

JB : YouTube Channel Skate Park Lessons