Sunnyvale Skate Park

This is where we skate everyday! Sunnyvale Skate Park lies in the shade of broad-leafed trees and Old English charm of the 18-acre Fair Oaks Park in Sunnyvale, California. The park is conveniently located just a few blocks off the Fair Oaks exit off Highway 101 North.

Ivan is always there, shredding really hard! Tony is a mechanical engineer with a career in the local semiconductor industry. Tony moved to Sunnyvale in 2003 when the skate park opened near his workplace and he has been a SVSP local since opening day. TJ & Ron grew up skating there!

The Skate Park provides a variety of setups for everyone from beginning skaters to advanced skaters. They have different sized bowls for showing off stunts, as well as some street elements like a four-stair with rails, ledges and other obstacles. The smaller bowl is about four feet deep, while the larger one is approximately eight. They have a Micro-ramp which is excellent for learning new tricks. Overall, the skate park provides the obstacles needed to practice most tricks for any skater. The park is relatively new and the surface has been kept smooth and is well cared for. The surface is made of concrete with stainless steel coping. The layout allows for great lines and to pick up some serious speed when the park isn’t crowded.

History & Legacy:

  • The skate park was designed by Zach Wormhoudt and built by Bothman Construction company. It was opened on May 3rd, 2003
  • “Fishbanks BBQ” It is the Fishbanks Skate Shop 6th anniversary party and features the Sunnyvale skate park with many locals and great tricks. The ender trick is a Blunt Kickflip to Fakie on the Vert Wall and is generally agreed to be the best trick ever done at SVSP. Performed by Chris Henderson, SVSP local, Original Spinball Super Bearings Rider and pro for Small Beating Skateboards
  • Downtown Streets Team Sunnyvale helps to clean the park and to give assistance to local homeless

Pro Skaters from SVSP:

Mark Suciu – 4 Stair Session

Joey Guevara – Park Montage